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"In the beginning....we were 40 separate pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.  During our 4 days together we were impacted by our past and present realities, shared a diversity of experiences, and attempted to process and integrate all of it in our minds and in our hearts...  I saw 40 puzzle pieces coalesce to reflect an image with a common be the make a use our gifts wisely and effectively." - Joan 

"I learned so much about the Civil Rights Movement that a standard school curriculum would never have taught me." -Gigi


"Those experiences have informed my thinking in so many ways. I feel that I have more of a connection and a personal role in the racial justice movement as a result." -Julia


"I was lucky enough to be showered with your gifts as we traveled on two civil rights journeys. I learned so deeply and was galvanized to become ever more accountable and active in my own life to make the world a better place."- Carla


"Because of your leadership, I have changed the way I see the world and my role in it. You have shown me how to reach out and connect, to learn from heroes of the past and present to be a better person now and do my part."-Eva

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