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Interactive Civil Rights and Human Rights programs including, virtual tours, NYC walking tours, and national trips and speakers' bureaus.


Move to a place of deeper understanding of people, places and history. 


Customized Tours and Programs for:

Adults, Youth, Religious, Interfaith and Interest Groups, and Groups of friends... 

"You changed my life and my child's life! To be able to break bread with people who were on the front lines and to hear their stories has forever changed who I am." -Richard


  • In Person Tours- National 

  • Day Trips and Walking Tours, NYC

  • Virtual Tours & Programs

  • Service and interactive projects

  • Conversations with Civil and Human Rights Activists

  • Musical Experiences

  • Customized Tours: Adults, Youth, Religious Groups, Interfaith Groups, Interest Groups, Groups of friends...

  • Fun on the bus and off!

  • Speakers' bureaus


  • Selma, Montgomery, Birmingham & Tuskegee, Alabama

  • Charleston, South Carolina

  • Charlottesville, Virginia & Washington D.C.

  • Memphis, Tennessee

  • Day trips in New York City – Harlem, West Village and the Lower East Side 


We provide a complete journey package with:

  • Every detail delineated including transportation, tickets, meals and hotels

  • Educational resources and materials

  • Discussions and reflections support

  • Plans for service and interactive activities


Michelle Browder Group.jpg

"In the beginning....we were 40 separate pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.  During our 4 days together we were impacted by our past and present realities, shared a diversity of experiences, and attempted to process and integrate all of it in our minds and in our hearts...  I saw 40 puzzle pieces coalesce to reflect an image with a common be the make a use our gifts wisely and effectively." - Joan 

"I learned so much about the Civil Rights Movement that a standard school curriculum would never have taught me." -Gigi


"I was lucky enough to be showered with your gifts as we traveled on two civil rights journeys. I learned so deeply and was galvanized to become ever more accountable and active in my own life to make the world a better place."- Carla

"Because of your leadership, I have changed the way I see the world and my role in it. You have shown me how to reach out and connect, to learn from heroes of the past and present to be a better person now and do my part."-Eva


"Those experiences have informed my thinking in so many ways. I feel that I have more of a connection and a personal role in the racial justice movement as a result." -Julia

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